Waste Audit & Analysis – Your journey to Zero Waste

Realise the commercial benefits while ensuring compliance with Waste Regulations by undertaking an analysis of the waste flows within your supply chain. Get In Touch.

Co2 Compliance Waste Audit 2 Stage Process

1. Conducting the Initial Audit

  • Scope and agree main objectives of the audit
  • Measure and Record Waste Data over an agreed period
  • Calculate and Analyse Waste Data
  • Report Results and Recommendations

2. The Action Plan

  • Set and Agree Waste Reduction KPI’s
  • Set Continual Improvement Plans and Targets
  • Annual Audit to measure improvements
  • Annual review on progress and ensure full compliance

Co2Compliance has a team of experienced and qualified Lead Auditors to help your company through a comprehensive Waste Audit Process with a view to becoming a Zero Waste organisation.

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