The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

Here you’ll find information on the background to the UK CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, how to determine if your company is obligated and the actions you should take to minimise the cost and maximise the benefits.


The CRC Energy Efficiency  Scheme is a mandatory UK carbon reporting and trading scheme set up to reduce the 55 mega-tonnes of Co2 emissions generated by specific sectors of the UK economy. It places compliance reporting requirements on companies using more than 6,000 Mwh of electricity every year.

Is my organisation obligated?

If your organisation has a half hourly meter in any part of the operation it is likely the company will have legal obligations to meet.

How do we become compliant?

The CRC Scheme has 2 main elements;

1. Obligated participants are required to report their annual electricity and gas related carbon emissions, using one of many approved reporting methodologies, such as the GHG Corporate Carbon Reporting Standard.

Please note that the scheme applies to emissions not already reported under the EU ETS – the European Emissions Scheme.

2. The scheme requires obligated participants to purchase allowances for every tonne of carbon reported. Participants are required to buy allowances each year to offset their obligations.  More efficient companies have lower compliance costs.

During Phase 1 the cost per tonne of carbon was set at £12.00 /tn.

During Phase 2, participants can buy allowances at the beginning of each compliance year and balance any shortfall at the end of the period.

Co2Compliance has a team of Lead Carbon Auditors with experience of taking organisations through the reporting process as well as developing carbon reduction strategies to reduce compliance and energy costs.

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