Guidance on Completing Each Table on the Data Form

Please note data should be supplied in Metric Tonnes and refer to the previous year’s packaging handled.

  • Table 1 packaging/packaging materials supplied:

    You should calculate the tonnage of packaging or packaging materials on which you performed one or more of the activities and which you supplied on, including any imports.

    Please note that this amount should at this stage include packaging/packaging materials, which will be exported at a later date. You will be asked to record exports separately. However, the amount in table 1 should exclude production residues and packaging that you have re-used.

  • Table 2a packaging/packaging materials exported by the producer:

    You should fill in here the tonnage of packaging or packaging materials exported by you after production, conversion, filling, selling, etc. For example, if you export 350t of whiskey after filling them, then the 350t goes in the glass‐pack/filling box in table 2a. If you make (convert) 95t of empty glass bottles and then export them, the 95t goes into the conversion‐glass box. You should also fill in tonnages exported by you through an agent acting on your behalf since, where you own the packaging being exported, this is your export.

  • Table 2b packaging/packaging materials exported by a third party:

    If you have an activity obligation on products or materials which you know are later exported and you have a reasonable figure and evidence for these exports, you may fill in the exported tonnage here. This should be in the box where YOU had the activity obligation. E.g. if you are a steel raw material manufacturer and you know that 40t will be exported as steel cans at the converting stage, 40t is put in the raw material/steel box because that was the activity that you performed on the steel. You are not obliged to fill in this box, but if you do, you must use figures which you can justify to the appropriate Agency if necessary.

  • Table 3a tonnage of packaging/packaging materials imported for the purpose of the named activity:

    Fill in here the tonnage of products or materials that you imported for the purpose of one or more of the activities. E.g. if you import 4,000 tonnes of tinplate for the purpose of conversion, you put 4,000 t in the conversion/steel box. You do this if this is the next activity that will be performed on this tonnage, even if you yourself are not the producer that performs the activity. You should also include here tonnages of packaging you import for own use (i.e. which you are deemed to sell to yourself as end user).

    Please note that at this stage you do not have to record your ‘rolled up’ obligations on imported packaging and packaging materials.

    It is also important to only include imports up to the stage they were imported at. All activities you carry out on the packaging afterwards in the UK must be entered into Table 1 to avoid duplication of packaging obligation figure.

  • Table 3b transit packaging around imports into the UK:

    You should fill in here any tonnages of transit packaging you imported into the UK and which you will dispose of.

  • Table 3c imported packaging which is subsequently exported:

    You should fill in here any tonnages of packaging that you import and then export; this must be the same packaging and not an equivalent amount of any other packaging. In some cases, you may perform an activity on the packaging after import and before export.

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