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Welcome to the Co2Compliance Experts Archive for the UK Packaging (Waste) Directive 2007.  Here you’ll  find a rich source of information and guidance on each area of the regulations.

Co2 Compliance has been helping our clients navigate the sometimes complex registration and compliance processes for over 10 years and we deal with the Regulator on technical issues.

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The Packaging Waste Regulations

If you have never heard of the regulations before and would like a simple introduction to bring you up to speed quickly.

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Is Your Organisation Obligated Under The Packaging Directive?

There are two specific thresholds your company must meet: your company's turnover must exceed £2,000,000 and you must handle over 50 tonnes of packaging per year.

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Registering Your Organisation With Co2Compliance And Becoming Compliant

We at Co2Compliance make becoming compliant with the Packaging Regulations simple. To find out how to register and for our forms.

what you need to do

Your Annual Packaging Weights Declaration Checklist

If you require some guidance on ensuring you have everything you need for submitting your packaging data for the year.

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What Does 50 Tonnes of Packaging Waste Look Like?

If you're unsure if you're obligated or not, the following table will give you a good idea of whether or not you handle 50 tonnes of packaging in a year.

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Completing Our Packaging Waste Submission Data Form - Table By Table

Are you having difficulty completing your data submission form? If so or you would just like some clarity on what information should be entered into each table of the form, Please

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Our Annual Data Submission Declaration Timeline

There are some dates that need to be met in order to register your company as effectively as possible. For a list of them...

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The Small Producer (Turnover £2-5M) Allocation Method

Are you a small producer with a turnover between £2M and £5M? There is an even simpler route to compliance you could take.

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The UK Business Packaging Recycling (2013-2017) Targets

Every year, the government decides new targets to be met with regards to how much packaging needs to be recycled. These targets affect the cost of compliance directly. For up to date guidance on them...

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Putting Together Your Annual Packaging Submission Methodology Statement

At the bottom of our data form, we request a methodology statement on the collation of your packaging. For some detailed guidance on how to complete this section.

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Packaging Activities Defined - Examples For Obligated Companies

There are several packaging activities each company must count towards their obligation. For a list and detailed definitions of them.


Importers and Exports Packaging Obligations Guidance

For importers, the regulations vary slightly. Imported packaging acquires what is known as a 'Rolled Up Obligation' For more information on this term.

Packaging Activities

Packaging Retailer Consumer Information Obligations

If your company's main packaging activity is 'Selling', you are also required to offset your Consumer Information Obligations. For a detailed explanation of these.

Consumer obligations

Examples of Obligated and Non Obligated Packaging

Not sure if certain types of packaging should be counted towards your obligation? for a detailed list of what is and isn't defined as packaging


How does the PRN (Packaging Waste Recovery Note) Market work?

PRNs, or Packaging Waste Recovery Notes, are pieces of evidence each obligated company must acquire. The prices of these can change very often. For a more detailed explanation of PRNs and the PRN Market.

the market

Registration of Your Franchises and Subsidiaries

Does your company have subsidiaries? Are you a franchisor or franchisee? for a detailed explanation of what the regulations mean to you.

franchisor or franchisee?

Civil Sanctions and Historic Non-Compliance

If your company may have been obligated in previous years but you've only just discovered the Regulations, click here for some information on offsetting your previous obligations via a civil sanction proposal.


Switching Your Current Compliance Scheme

Considering switching from your current compliance scheme to Co2Compliance? We'd love to have you on board - for guidance on how to switch.


Preparing for an Environment Agency Audit Of Your Company

Have the Environment Agency arranged to audit your company? To make sure you're fully prepared.

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What is 'Other' Packaging?

On our data form, you will find a type of packaging listed as 'Other' packaging. For a list of what is defined as Other packaging.

other types of packaging

Contracted Out Packer/Fillers For Your Products

Does another company package or distribute your product(s)? To see how the regulations affect you.

contracted out

Leased Packaging For Lessors and Lessees

Pallets, kegs and other leased packaging have specific guidelines on who picks up the obligation for them. To learn more.

leased packaging obligations

Bonded Warehouse Users Packaging Obligations

Do your import or place your goods into a bonded warehouses? To see what the regulations mean to you.

bonded warehouses

Distance and Online Sellers - Your Obligations

If your product is sent directly to the consumer from outwith the UK or another company takes on legal title for your product's imports.

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The Packaging Essential Requirements Guidance

A brief introduction to the Governmental guidance notes for the Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations

essential guidance

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