Packaging Compliance Introduction

If your organisation meets or exceeds both of the following thresholds, you will be obligated under the legislation set out in the UK/European Packaging Waste Directive:

  • Has an annual turnover exceeding £2m
  • Handles 50 tonnes of packaging annually

Co2Compliance can help your organisation become complaint.  We guide you through the  often complex legislation with a focus on saving you time and tightly controlling your costs.

To register with Co2Compliance – one of the UK’s leading government approved packaging waste compliance schemes – simply complete the form. However, if you require more information, or would like to arrange a FREE consultation, call us on 0845 519 7961  or send an email to

Intro to Pack regs

Legal obligations on UK companies who have a turnover of £2m+ and handle 50 tonnes of Packaging

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So what do I need to do

Register with the Environment Agency; Calculate the packaging handled; and offset Recycling Obligations

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Register today with Co2Compliance - your first step to legal compliance

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Data submission Guidance

Understand the Annual Packaging Weights submission requirements


Cost Comparison

Submit your most recent data submission or material obligations for a confidential no obligation quote

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Understanding the costs

Understand the key aspects of your compliance bill and how we can work together to manage the risk

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