Scottish DRS Announced- Deposit Return Scheme – 20p on All Drinks Containers

By mike sadler
In May 11, 2019
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The Scottish Government Has Announced the Introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme – 20p Deposit for All Drinks Cans and Bottles

This week (Wednesday 8th May) Roseanna Cunningham, the Scottish environment secretary, announced in the Scottish Parliament its commitment to introduce a 20p Deposit on all Drinks Cans and Bottles, in Steel, Alumiuium, Plastic or Glass.

No definitive implementation timescales have been detailed yet, however Draft Regulations will be debated within the Scottish Parliamnet later in 2019, with the Scheme Implemented at least 12 months after The Regulations being finalised and agreed.

Consumers buying a drink for any retail premises, with the exception of Pubs / Restaurants, will pay a deposit of 20p on top of the price of the drink, and be able to take the empty container back to the shop for a 20p refund. The Scottish Government are targeting a 90% recovery and recycling rate.

The Scheme will be introduced at an enormous cost and have huge implications for the existing recycling infrastructure, Local Authorities, Waste Management Companies and Obligated Producers.

The Government also announced The Members of the Deposit Return Scheme Implementation Advisory Group which includes:

  • British Soft Drinks Association
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • Natural Hydration Council
  • Scotch Whisky Association
  • Scottish Beer & Pub Association
  • Scottish Grocer’s Federation
  • Federation of Independent Retailers
  • Scottish Wholesale Association
  • Scottish Licensed Trade Association
  • Scottish Retail Consortium
  • UK Hospitality

Further Information on how it will work can be found on by clicking here.

The UK Governments Consultation on EPR, Extended Prodcuer Responsibility, which includes a UK Wide DRS, closes on Monday evening.



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